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Education and Stewardship

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

There are many decisions we face in raising our children. It seems the assessment of their needs is constant. Sleep training, feeding, disciplining, discipling, developing their giftings, and education. 

My family began considering education options early on. In prayer, studying God’s Word, and speaking with wise and seasoned friends, As with every other important decision, we knew we wanted to make the decision concerning our children’s education, through the lens of biblical stewardship. As Christian parents we have the important role of stewarding our children’s gifts and equipping them to go into the world as a light of the gospel. 

One of the ways we have chosen to do that is through homeschooling. We did not choose to homeschool to protect our children from the world, rather; to be the ones to introduce them to it. Homeschooling allows me to be engaged in important conversations through learning as He unfolds His purpose in their lives little by little. Reading, writing, and talking about ideas that help us know God and make Him known are part of planting our children in the harvest fields of the Kingdom. 

Three things that were helpful for us to consider in making the decision to homeschool were: 

What is the calling God has given us? 

What is the provision God has given to us? 

What is the ability God has given to us? 

Our family was already committed to educating our children in teaching them to display what love, grace, faith, and hope looks like. I think we are all homeschoolers in that sense because we should be committed to live the way that Deuteronomy 6 has commanded us to. It was after attending a Classical Conversations Parent Practicum the summer my daughter started kindergarten that I learned there were other families, just like mine, within my community, that also had a desire to view their children’s education through that same lens of biblical stewardship. This was so freeing and encouraging! At that parent practicum five years ago, the Lord reminded me I am not alone and He will equip me. I gained the confidence needed to step out in faith and trust Him for the best. 

Now, with a nine year old, six year old, and two year old, I am intentionally engaged in a Classical Conversations community, as the Director of the McCalla campus. There’s something to be said for being a part of a group of dedicated, Christ following parents who are loving one another and one another’s children through our homeschooling journey together! It has been an extension of the body of Christ- for which I am immensely grateful!

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