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My heart, His home

I've been feeling particularly distracted and overwhelmed lately with several decisions that need to be made. "Decision-fatigue" as a dear friend of mine calls it, has definitely plagued me. Tack the upcoming holidays on top of that and I find myself grasping for the space needed to create clarity and peace. He's reminded me again and again that peace is not a space that can be produced. It's just Him. Emmanuel, God with us. The presence of Christ is peace and while that sometimes looks like hiding out in my closet for 5 minutes with a desperate prayer and The Word... it's Him, nonetheless. He's reminding me that my heart is His home, therefore I need to be ever so careful of the things I let in. Distraction and overwhelm definitely not welcome...

This can prove challenging as a homeschooling mother of three... some days, impossible even. Yet, I hear it still. The small, yet sure, beckoning of the Spirit that says "choose me. I am better." Practicing the daily letting go of my expectations and ideals is one way I can experience less overwhelm.

And saying "yes" to the daily moments that require my attention and mindfulness is always the best way to let go of distraction.

"The Spirit of man is the candle reaching all the inward parts of the belly." - Proverbs 20:27

When I think about holding a candle in my hands, if I walk too fast then the flame will go right out. Steps must be slow and measured. I may even have to physically block the candle from the wind as I go. For now... in order to walk slowly with the flame still lit, I need to let go of distractions. If my heart is His home, then that means He speaks within me through His Word, His people, and even my own deepest desires.

Two years ago, I wrote this in the notes section of my phone.

I came across it the other day and remembered the place I was in when I wrote it. It was a beautiful reminder of the distractions that I have let creep in since, that crowd my soul and eventually suffocate. So, in entering this season of Advent, I am taking a break from all things social media and am allowing Him to create some space for my soul to breath once more. Carrying on, I'm reminded to walk slowly, listen carefully, and protect the flame.

And why would you want to be distracted from this?! They are amazing and God is so good to me.

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