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Immeasurably More

A hilariously wise friend whispered to me when we found out we were expecting, "hey, with the third child people either think it was an accident or you're nuts, so be prepared to hear lots of stories about neglected middle children, get lots of sympathy looks, and no parties, or gifts." I laugh as I hear her voice in my head now because some of what she claimed has proven true! But mostly, this has been a sweet, sacred time- Different from any of my pregnancies because mentally and emotionally, I am just a different person.

Minimalism has been our theme song as we prepare to make room for this sweet baby boy's life in our home. I'm taking all of the hand me down's I can get and loving every single one. It's been a season of looking at my older children with fresh eyes, knowing my love for them will only explode beyond imagination as I watch them fall in love with their new baby brother, and a season of falling in love with my husband all over again as we divulge hopes, dreams, and fears like we never have. And the reality of it all? Life will be full of more. More crazy, more chaos, and messy, and more frustration, but immeasurably more full of love, laughter, and joy.

And when I doubt, fear, and wonder if we can manage it all... I'm reminded of one of my favorite truths in Ephesians 3 ~ "Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all we ask or think according to the power at work within us..." (v. 20).

He reminds me that the greek word for power in this context is "dunamis" which is where we get our english word "dynamite" from. Power. His. Not mine. Strengthened by His power, in my weakness!

In knowing my defeat will only come from self-reliance, I'm trusting Him to do immeasurably more... with all of the more we'll have in our lives.

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