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Renewal and Rest

This quest for rest the Lord has had me on is refining me. First things first- I'm bad at resting. In every sense. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. And realizing this is what is transforming my mindset. Along with surrendering to His Word and the fact that faith is the conduit for rest. Without it, my heart, my mind, my soul cannot take hold of the peace that Christ has already established for me. Slow, simple changes like more sleep, more play, more intentional time with others, more reading, more hands on learning, better self- care, less rushing... have all been a balm to my soul. God, in his faithful nature has been kind to bring these things into my life, without me having to strive for them. I'm over striving to do things my way.

My word for this year is "renew." The greek meaning for the word in the context of Colossians 3 5:10 means "a contrast with a former reality. A new quality of life that never existed." This quest to live free and in complete rest, less concerned with my level of productivity or accomplishment is most definitely a contrast to what I have always known. But the true knowledge according to the image of Christ that he continues to reveal is reshaping my longings and my desires. Intentionally looking past the good things that turn my focus from Him and choosing to be more Spirt-led, seeking eternity in each step, is transforming my heart. And for this I am so grateful!

His love holds us...

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